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Triumph 5260

Paper cutter description:
The 5260 is a 20-3/8" hydraulic cutter that can recall up to 99 programs with digital readout.

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Triumph 4700

Triumph 5260 Features Triumph 5260 Specifications

SCS (Safety Cutting System):
Light beam safety curtain to secure the working area on the front table; transparent safety cover on the rear table; main switch and safety lock with key; electronically controlled true two-hand operation; 24 volt controls (low voltage); patented IDEAL safety drive; automatic blade and clamp return from every position; disc brake for instant blade stop; blade changing device with covered cutting edge; blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine; easy blade change from the front of the machine without removing covers.

Paper Cutter Details
- Programmable EP control module for the power backgauge
- Digital display for measurement readout in cm or inches (display accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch)
- 10-button key pad for presetting of measurement
- Memory key for repeat cuts (manual) and additional automatic memory
- 99 programs with 99 steps in each program (up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated into a program as one single program step)
- Programmable EJECT function for pushing out paper
- Program runs automatically in the program and memory mode
- “SET" function key for reference measurement
- Two programmable keys for quick setting of frequently needed measurements
- Self-diagnosis system with error indication on display

Cutting length: 20-3/8"
Cutting height: 3"
Narrow cut: 1-3/8"
Cutting length behind blade: 20-3/8"
Dimensions: 44" x 33-7/8" x 51" (width with side tables: 56-1/2")
Weight: 657 lbs (677 lbs with side tables)