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Professional Series
M12 - M54 (8 Models)

Cut lengths of:
12", 15", 18", 24",
30", 36", 42", and 54"


Rotatrim Mastercut Series
Originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of the professional photographer, the Professional ‘M’ Series has over the past 40 years, become the de facto standard for many applications where the ultimate in quality and reliability are paramount. Many hundreds of thousands of machines are tested day in and day out in dark rooms, photo labs, design houses, schools and colleges. The precision-engineered, virtually silent glide-cutting action coupled with extreme accuracy, outstanding robustness and reliability are often cited as the main reasons why the Professional ‘M’ Series is the machine by which all others are judged.

- A screen-printed 1/4" grid (1" accented lines) with inch and metric rules on three sides
- 7/8" thick melamine, warp-proof baseboard
- Cast metal head and end supports
- Extra rigid guide rails and nylon bearings
- Self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel (BS 5498 approved)
- Automatic transparent clampstrip for firm grip and clear view of cutline
- Lockable metal sliding backstop for precision repeat cutting
- Profiled aluminum squaring arm calibrated in inch and metric
- Adjustable cursor for repeated cuttings and cuts both ways
M 12
M 15 $259
M 18 $299
M 24 $379
M 30 $439
M 36 $479
M 42 $559
M 54 $659