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Spartan 150

Refurbished with 90-day limited warranty: $3,299
Pictured Machine Stand: +$199

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Paper cutter description:
The SPARTAN 150 SA Paper Cutter is a sleek, strong, 15" table-top machine perfect for the professional office, copy center, in-plant, or on-demand printing environment. The Spartan 150 SA is engineered and manufactured to the highest safety standards in the world. Safety shields cover the front and rear tables. For added safety, the front-side cut buttons require two hands to simultaneously activate the cut cycle.

Titan 200

Spartan 150 Features Spartan 150 Specifications

Paper Cutter Details
- Power Cutting: Electric power - 1/2HP Gear Drive Motor
- Manual Clamping: Hand crank wheel system provides over 200% more clamping force than the lever clamping system. RESULT - a better cut.
- Safety Guards:  Safety covers over the front table (the cutting area) and rear table.
- Safety Dual Cut Buttons: Requires the simultaneous use of both hands to operate.
- Construction: Heavy Duty Steel, Cast Iron, and Cast Aluminum Construction give it "Challenge durability".
- Hardened steel components and bronze bearings on most wear surfaces increase the life of the machine.


LED Digital Backgauge Position Display
The easy to read digital display located on the front table of the machine allows the operator to easily set the backgauge position accurately…every time.

LED Cut-Line Light
Twelve red LED lights positioned over the knife provides the brightest, most consistent and easy to see optical cut-line in the industry.

Auto Releasing Front Safety Shield
Front shield automatically pops open after a cut cycle is completed allowing the operator to remove the cut stock without the extra step of having to manually open the cover.

Virtually Maintenance Free Knife Bar Gibs
"Gibs" are devices used to control the knife position during a cut cycle assuring a consistent and accurate cut. Traditionally, these surfaces require routine lubrication because of the continuous surface friction they have with the moving knife bar. The Spartan 150 SA gibs however, are made of an advanced material called UHMW that is both strong and self-lubricating - resulting in virtually maintenance-free durability.

Maximum Cutting Width: 15-3/4" (40cm)
Clamp Opening: 1-1/2" (3.8cm)
Minimum Cut: 1-15/16" (3.8cm)
Maximum Cut:15-1/4" (38.7cm)
Table Space In Front of Knife: 9" (22.9cm)
Overall Height: 21-1/2" (54.6cm)
Overall Width: 25-3/4" (65.4cm)
Overall Length: 31" (78.7cm)
Paper Cutter Net Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)
Shipping Weight: 200 lbs (91kg)
Shipping Weight with Stand: 250 lbs (113kg)

Spartan 150 Electrical
1/2 H.P. 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 120 Volt, AC
Service Size: 15 Amps