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Paper Cutter Supplies and Accessories

Accurate Paper Cutters has all the supplies and accessories you need for your paper cutter. See our current supply price list (PDF). Please call us today for the best prices and selection anywhere.

Paper Cutter Knives
KnivesWe carry knives for all makes and models of paper cutters and paper trimmers, and feature the best knives on the market today. They are German-designed and manufactured to the exacting demands of OEM manufacturers such as IDEAL/Triumph, EBA, Muller Martini, and Polar. Each knife is skillfully hardened and tempered, precision surface ground, sharpened, and ready for use.

Paper Cutter Cutting Sticks
We carry cutting sticks for all makes and models of paper cutters. Our cutting sticks are made with a special grade of material that is the most durable, non-abrasive, and cost effective. Designed especially for paper cutting, the natural lubricity and self-healing characteristics of this material stick in the channel long after others have been rolled or changed. They are available for all types of steel knives including standard inlay, 18% tungsten high speed steel and tungsten-carbide.

Paper Cutter Jogging Aids
We have wood and plastic aids for all your jogging needs. Our plastic joggers slide easily to reduce operator fatigue and have a strong magnetic base to help jog bottom sheets perfectly. They have a rounded handle for a natural grip and, unlike wood, will not splinter.

Paper Cutter Clamp Pads
Durable foam pads laminated to a rubberized magnetic foundation provide for an economical means for protecting the top sheets of carbon, NCR and other paper stock from marks caused by guillotine clamp pressure.

Cutter Care Kit
Cutter Care Kit
Keep your new cutter in top condition. This kit provides everything necessary to clean and preserve cutter tables. Includes silicone release spray, rust remover, and table wax.
Jogging Aid
Jogging Aid
Assists in stock alignment and removal, a wooden jogging aid is supplied with each Champion cutter. Additional jogging aids can be purchased separately.
Mobile Waste Wagon
Mobile Waste Wagon
Six cubic feet capacity, impact resistant polyethylene cart. Large casters for easy maneuvering helps reduce the potential of employee injury from wrestling with overloaded steel waste drums.